One more year, inspired by David Bonilla I have decided to share my personal goals.

My personal goals

After a year focused on improving my remote skills, changing the company where I work for 13 years for a Full Remote job as Engineering Manager in Packlink Engineering and navigating this COVID constant changes, those are my personal goals for 2021.

Full remote socialization

I want to be able to build strong relations at work even if I’m full remote. Be able to have those casual conversations with my work colleagues and feel connected , even if we are miles away.

Healthy balance of Work, Personal & Family time

I will be working at home…

My summary of learnings about Remote Working through meetups, interviews and articles in 2020

In February, I left my job after improving the remote culture with two clear objectives, to spend more time with my family, and to research starting a new fully remote job.

Shortly after starting this new life, Covid arrived and my objectives quickly became inevitable.
As we were forced into lockdown, spending time with my family was already in progress and, since most companies had gone fully remote, a lot of meetups and articles with remote working topics appeared.

Here you have a summary of this months of learning around remote working.

Coaching remotely

In this workshop, Claire Lew reinforced the…

Getting data to make your team more resilient, motivated and helping you to choose the next role needed

The context

Back in 2017 the Engineering managers started repeating those questions “Do we need more people to deliver the projects for this year?” “Which profile do we need more?”

The three main reasons that made those questions appear were, a change of tech stack, the specialists role redefinition and new projects coming. I will give you more details.

How we adapted a Management 3.0 practice to define a starting point after a complete Tech department reorganization.

The context

Back in 2016, the company had 3 independent Business Units with their own processes and tech teams , with their own rules and also the department of Sys and IT as independent teams. We were around 50 devs, 4 managers and 8 teams.

We detected a lot of problems related to the lack of alignment and visibility, and also some Business Units started to growth but we cannot easily share devs amongst the different BU. To solve those issues we propose to move all tech teams inside a Tech Area department collaborating with the different BU. …

Under my experience as a tech Manager, communication is something that most of devs want or needs to improve, due to Covid19 and full remote everywhere this soft skill is now even more important.

How to improve communication for developers
How to improve communication for developers


Few years ago people were surprised about Jason Fried answer in an interview

Our top hiring criteria — in addition to having the skills to do the job — is, are you a great writer? You have to be a great writer to work here, in every single position, because the majority of our communication is written, primarily because a lot of us work remotely but also because writing is quieter. And we like long-form writing where people really think through an idea and present it.

Now with a lot of tech companies doing fully remote forced because of Covid-19…

Even if i see value in a Tech lead, I value a tech organisation with no Tech lead more

The context

In my experience, what I expect from a tech organisation is engineers with seniority, proactivity and autonomy.

I see a Tech lead as a reference in some tech area (backend, frontend, devops, etc. ) that take architecture and key decisions about this area but he is not acting as a Manager (personal growth, empowerment, etc. ) even if she can help.

After going through a collective dismissal process , we were left with a high seniority tech team and decided to switch from strong hierarchy to almost 0 hierarchy, so that any engineer could take the tech decisions they want…

Now that the topics to improve remote working have been decided I will show you some concrete actions as well as some tips and tricks that we personally use to make it happen.

Two main topics (Improve meeting tools and setup, Guidelines & trainings) must have been defined before we can start with the last one, Clarity and rules.

Remote working improvement actions

Improve meeting tools & setup

To improve meetings rooms and setup, we recommend 3 main actions:

  • Decide on an official tool for video communications.
    Anyone can use the tool they want, but the company recommends ones that allow screen sharing while keeping the video feed. …

At Softonic, we have implemented remote working since 2014 but last year we wanted to transform a “perk” into a part of the culture. Our vision — “There is no meeting or activity I can do better at the office” — lead the way and I will share with you our path and learnings so far.

This path started in Summer of 2018 after some feedback from my colleagues and my own experiences. I realized that we needed to take a look at working from home, which was on the rise in other companies. …

Inspired by a post from David Bonilla i have decided to share my personal objectives for 2019.

After a 2018 where the constant unplanned big changes made me more resilient or at least a good survivor, those are my 2019 personal objectives in no particular order:

  1. Became a remote working expert.
    After a year boosting the remote working adoption at work, i want to test new tools and improve remote for one on ones, retrospectives or any kind of meeting / interaction. …

visual experiment inside Scrum teams

I would like to share an experiment I have done inside a Scrum team to improve the product value delivered and the team’s awareness in respect of 2 Agile principles (“Deliver frequently” & “Deliver value early”).

Some context

As an Agile Coach, I’m working with two teams who are oriented towards very technical projects, often with big tasks.

In our retros I have seen a common theme: On one hand our developers are frustrated from not seeing the results of their hard work, and the other hand Product people can’t easily see the value to be expected from those tasks. …

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