Getting data to make your team more resilient, motivated and helping you to choose the next role needed

The context

Back in 2017 the Engineering managers started repeating those questions “Do we need more people to deliver the projects for this year?” “Which profile do we need more?”

The three main reasons that made those questions appear were, a change of tech stack, the specialists role redefinition and new projects…

How we adapted a Management 3.0 practice to define a starting point after a complete Tech department reorganization.

The context

Back in 2016, the company had 3 independent Business Units with their own processes and tech teams , with their own rules and also the department of Sys and IT as independent teams. We were around 50 devs, 4 managers and 8 teams.

We detected a lot of problems related…

Under my experience as a tech Manager, communication is something that most of devs want or needs to improve, due to Covid19 and full remote everywhere this soft skill is now even more important.

How to improve communication for developers


Few years ago people were surprised about Jason Fried answer in an interview

Our top hiring criteria — in addition to having the skills to do the job — is, are you a great writer? You have to be a great writer to work here, in every single position, because…

Even if i see value in a Tech lead, I value a tech organisation with no Tech lead more

The context

In my experience, what I expect from a tech organisation is engineers with seniority, proactivity and autonomy.

I see a Tech lead as a reference in some tech area (backend, frontend, devops, etc. ) that take architecture and key decisions about this area but he is not acting as a…

Inspired by a post from David Bonilla i have decided to share my personal objectives for 2019.

After a 2018 where the constant unplanned big changes made me more resilient or at least a good survivor, those are my 2019 personal objectives in no particular order:

  1. Became a remote working…

Txesk Planells Ceró

Kaos’ rider with a smile

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