2021 personal goals

Txesk Planells Ceró
2 min readJan 9, 2021


One more year, inspired by David Bonilla I have decided to share my personal goals.

My personal goals

After a year focused on improving my remote skills, changing the company where I work for 13 years for a Full Remote job as Engineering Manager in Packlink Engineering and navigating this COVID constant changes, those are my personal goals for 2021.

Full remote socialization

I want to be able to build strong relations at work even if I’m full remote. Be able to have those casual conversations with my work colleagues and feel connected , even if we are miles away.

Healthy balance of Work, Personal & Family time

I will be working at home most of the time and that will be a challenge for me. I want to find a good rhythm to have clear boundaries of work/non-work time but also find the way to have time for my things (singing, running, bike, sketchnoting, … )

Agile family

Some years ago I read this inspiring article from Cristiane (Coca) Pitzer and after some tests I will like to improve a lot on how we organize our 5 members family. Making the kids more participant on the decision and keep riding the kaos with a smile.

Less meat

My wife send me this articles ( ecobnb / greenpeace ) , and as a responsible of cooking at home, I can not delay more the idea to reduce the amount of meat in our diet. It’s healthier but above anything else, I don’t want to contribute in the destruction of my kids planet.


Last year we started a plan to do one family hiking day per month, but COVID stop it. This year I want to restart this monthly hiking initiative, discovering new paths and having an easy setup for the whole family so it’s easier to just go out to the mountains.



Txesk Planells Ceró